Extension Hub

AMP has created a line of services, known as extensions, that have been piloted before launch ensuring a successful outcome. Here you can find the extensions that are designed to save you money, and increase your efficiency. Call it the new era of corporate dentistry, where you keep 100% of your practice, while having the same benefits and competitive advantages. These extensions will come with our proprietary Workflow Platform created to help you connect, educate and organize your practice.

Reduce supply chain headaches, see more savings on your dental supplies, eliminate inventory issues and time consuming tasks for your team. We’ll do your entire order process from your favorite vendors.

Staying on top of your patient schedules can be difficult, but we’re here to make it as easy as possible for your team.

Whether you’re looking for a better online presence, better journey for your patients, or even drive more patients to your practice, we have the best custom solutions for you and your practice.

Being prepared is the key to success. Drive more revenue by knowing what the coverage is before your patient appointments, so you can coordinate better patient treatment plans.

Reviews are amongst the most important tools to gain the confidence of your potential patients. Our team will use various methods to help you achieve your review goals. In addition, our proven method shows you care about your patient experiences, leading to a higher patient retention. 

Bulk pricing without having to actually purchase in bulk. Group purchases are notorious for maximized savings as you team up with hundreds of other practices to buy more together, so you can save more together. We’re continuously partnering up with like-minded companies and manufacturers that strive to bring you more value.

One of the member favourite value driven services; AMP will find the superstar staff at no charge. We’ve hired hundreds of dental professionals across Canada. From experienced candidates, to co-op graduate placements.

We understand that there are space limitations in dental offices, which is why we’ve made our beautiful, clean and well maintained 15,000 sq ft facility available for our practices to use as an extension of their own space.


We’ve also created social media groups that your colleagues communicate on for day-to-day discussions via Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram. Recommendations, advice and solutions can all be found in these discussions. These groups are the most powerful tools you can take advantage of as all members in the group are here to help.”