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A Medical Partner An Extension of Your Practice An Extension of Your Team

Our team has been assembled by serial entrepreneurs with a track record of successful ventures who have found their passion in the medical and dental industry. We have created a support system to help maintain and grow dental practices Nationwide. 


To create an efficient system for the dental community that brings value to day-to-day operations, guided by our industry partners and trusting our innovative expertise in the business.


Our vision is to elevate the dental community in North America, and then extend our reach to all medical professionals and create a better tomorrow for all patient care.


"Be yourself, be genuine, be a person of value, be A Medical Partner." - This is the motto we go by to ensure all of our staff provide the best value for our members.

The AMP Story

Founded in May 2020 as a support system for dental professionals struggling throughout the pandemic. AMP provided an immediate solution for supply gouging and shortages by uniting over 400 dentists to work together raising over $1 million in less than 3 months to manufacture required supplies. AMP proved to the dental community that uniting with fellow dentists meant overall growth for each individual practice. This remarkable feat led to more solutions in day to day operations which steered AMP away from being a “Pandemic company”, towards the go-to platform for dental practices to ease day to day operations, save on costs, and increase revenue.

Our Pledge To The Dental Professionals

During the early days of the pandemic, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical professionals was in short supply. A vast majority of dentists had donated their supplies to frontline workers, and available PPE were directed to government hospitals, leaving dentists across the country high and dry, especially when it came to reopening their Practices. This situation was especially frustrating because the dentists had developed strong bonds with their supply chain partners over decades but still found PPEs rare and ultra-expensive at that juncture. Naturally, the dentists felt abandoned. Right when things were falling apart, A Medical Partner came to the rescue, obtaining private charters to Canada with enough PPE for every practice. They took on all the costs and helped the dentists out until the pending orders were fulfilled. – Our pledge is to be there for our members, and ensure a strong support system no matter how tough a challenge may be.

Our Organization Today

Today we are proud to say that we have filled hundreds of positions in the dental offices, saved our dentists collectively over $2 million, and continue to provide various types of support and business solutions to our dental practices.

The everyday mindset of A Medical Partner, from both leaders and team members, is how we can provide more value to the dental community. The best part is, we have yet to scratch the surface of our accomplishments we have planned.

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We’ve also created social media groups that your colleagues communicate on for day-to-day discussions via Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram. Recommendations, advice and solutions can all be found in these discussions. These groups are the most powerful tools you can take advantage of as all members in the group are here to help.”