Review Campaign

The extension that helps rank up your online presence.

Reviews are amongst the most important tools to gain the confidence of your potential patients. Our team will use various methods to help you achieve your review goals.

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, and one of the biggest challenges facing practices today is how to stand out in a crowded field. Reviews can be a powerful tool to help build confidence with potential patients and attract new business. Our team specializes in helping practices maximize the impact of their reviews, through a combination of automated and personal touchpoints. We filter positive experiences into written online reviews, and use negative feedback as an opportunity to improve. This approach ensures that your patients feel heard, while also helping you to identify areas of improvement.

In today’s competitive market, an effective review strategy can be the difference between success and failure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your review goals.

Solution To Key Problems:

  • With a lot of competition, potential patients look to reviews to make their decisions
  • Not having enough reviews can lower your online presence (Example: Google rankings)
  • Some may experience bad reviews at no fault of their own
  • Patients may be hesitant to choose a practice without reviews
  • Negative reviews can be damaging to your reputation
  • A strong online presence can help you attract new patients
  • Reviews can help you identify areas of improvement and better serve your patients

Practice with Review Campaign Extension:

  • Our process is tailored to each practice, and includes a personal touch to ensure that the patient’s experience is top priority
  • We believe that patient feedback is the key to the success of any practice, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get that feedback

Patient experience and feedback is the key to the success of the practice both short term and long term. This extension filters the positive experiences into written online reviews, and the negative experiences into an opportunity to improve. We believe in automation, but the human interaction and personal touch shows patients how much their experience matters to your practice.

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