Storage Assistance

The extension that helps you save space.

We understand that there are space limitations in dental offices, which is why we’ve made our beautiful, clean and well maintained 15,000 sq ft facility available for our practices to use as an extension of their own space.

In addition to providing office space, our company can also help dental clinics store their inventory and make sure their supplies don’t run out. Our facility has a large storage area that can accommodate a variety of items, and we have a team of experienced professionals who can manage inventory and order supplies as needed. This can be a huge help for dental clinics, who often have limited storage space and may not have the time or resources to handle inventory management on their own.

Solution To Key Problems:

  • With so many equipment and supplies in a fast pace environment, it’s easy to feel crowded
  • Some dental practice owners have to store supplies in their own home 
  • Lack of space limits some from bulk purchase savings
  • Dental staff lose track of delivered packages and inventory due to crowded spaces

Practice with Storage Assistance Extension:

A Medical Partner will provide dental offices with their own dedicated storage space and will send out supplies as needed resulting in the following:

  • Open up space in your dental office and eliminate the feeling of crowdedness
  • Take advantage of bulk purchase supplies to maximize savings
  • Remove clutter and get organized 
  • Get supplies delivered to you as you need them

Spend over $500/m with AMP and get free storage and your own dedicated space. 

You get free shipping 3 times per month. 

Each additional shipping is $24.99

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Founded in May 2020 in response to the challenges faced by dental professionals during the pandemic, AMP has since evolved into the go-to platform for dental practices looking to streamline their operations, save on costs, and increase revenue. With a history of success uniting over 400 dentists to work together and raise over $1 million in less than 3 months to manufacture required supplies, AMP is dedicated to supporting the dental community and helping practices grow.

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