Insurance Verification

The extension that gets you prepared for the best patient treatment planning

Being prepared is the key to success. Drive more revenue by knowing what the coverage is before your patient appointments, so you can coordinate better patient treatment plans.

Don’t let insurance companies be a barrier between you and your patients’ treatment plans. With the Insurance Verification Extension, you can increase value for your patients by being prepared with their coverage information. This extension provides you with all the information you need to create the perfect treatment plan. You can also create value by educating patients of their coverages and increase your revenue by creating a treatment plan based on your patients’ coverage in advanced.

With this extension, you can be confident that you are always prepared to provide the best possible care for your patients.

Solution To Key Problems:

  • Not knowing what your patient coverage and plan can be a loss of revenue and value
  • Too much time spent being on hold with insurance companies at the office
  • Losing treatment opportunities when you don’t have the necessary information for the patient to make a decision at the appointment
  • Gain peace of mind by verifying patient insurance coverage in advance
  • Save time on the phone with insurance companies by having verification completed in advance
  • Reduce administrative burden and improve efficiency

Practice with Insurance Verification Extension:

To increase value for your patients, and increase revenue by always being prepared with coverage information. This extension provides the following benefits

  • Have all the information you need to create the perfect treatment plan
  • Create value by educating patients of their coverages 
  • Increase your revenue by creating a treatment plan based on your patients coverage in advanced
  • Your staff can pay more attention to your patients rather than being on hold with insurance companies

It’s proven that when you are prepared, there is a better chance of treatment acceptance.

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