Supply Chain Management​

The extension that helps you save time and money on your day to day procurement.

AMP has been amongst the top leaders of the supply chain sourcing since 2020 delivering hundreds of thousands of products nationwide. Imagine having this caliber of expertise on your team.

Dental supplies are an essential part of any dental practice, but managing the supplies can be a time-consuming and headache-inducing task. From finding the best prices to keeping track of inventory, there are many potential pitfalls that can lead to delays and lost appointments. Our supply chain management service can help to eliminate these issues, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks. We will handle the entire order process from start to finish, including communication with vendors and tracking inventory levels.

As a result, you can be confident that your dental practice will always have the supplies it needs, without any of the hassle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your supply chain management.

Solution To Key Problems:

  • Managing supplies is an extremely time consuming task for the dental office
  • Spending time on finding specials and best prices consistently
  • Keeping track of what’s been ordered, received, delayed etc. 
  • Orders not fulfilled due to unavailability (backorders)
  • Not being notified of backorders and having to reschedule appointments due to lack of supply
  • Having to communicate and keeping up with multiple different vendors is a headache
  • Keeping track of inventory that’s used in a fast paced environment by multiple different people is extremely difficult

Practice with Supply Management Extension:

Overall, supply and inventory management is an important and tedious duty that can be very overwhelming. A Medical Partner has created a custom procurement solution for dental offices to ease their day to day resulting in the following:

  • Increase team morale and efficiency by reducing overwhelming tasks
  • Save time and money by no longer having to shop around for deals
  • Reduce backorder possibilities
  • Be notified and updated with your orders 
  • Deal with ONE point of contact for all of your supply needs
  • Be notified of your inventory shortages as running out means more is on the way

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Founded in May 2020 in response to the challenges faced by dental professionals during the pandemic, AMP has since evolved into the go-to platform for dental practices looking to streamline their operations, save on costs, and increase revenue. With a history of success uniting over 400 dentists to work together and raise over $1 million in less than 3 months to manufacture required supplies, AMP is dedicated to supporting the dental community and helping practices grow.

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