Patient Scheduling

The extension that keeps your schedule full with both active and overdue patients.

Staying on top of your patient schedules can be difficult, but we’re here to make it as easy as possible for your team.

We understand that life can be unpredictable and that sometimes appointments need to be canceled or rescheduled. That’s why we have a dedicated patient retention team whose sole focus is making sure your patients stay on track with their dental care. Whether it’s appointment confirmations, or re-engaging overdue patients, our professional and customer care centric team will contact your patients to keep your schedules full. With that said, we respect your patient’s time and personal boundaries, giving you the sense of security that your practice is being represented politely and professionally. As a result, your team can focus on providing the best possible care and experience for your patients without having to worry about the administrative side of things. 

Solution To Key Problems:

  • Automation can be great, but patients don’t always pay attention to text confirmations.  Which is why human interactions are more viable when it comes to scheduling

  • Staff are too overwhelmed resulting in making it difficult for them to contact overdue patients

  • Let’s be real, office staff don’t like to call patients every day

  • Life happens which means patients don’t always keep their appointments and wont reach out to reschedule

Practice with Storage Assistance Extension:

We’ll call your patient lists to confirm appointments, reschedule missed or canceled appointments, as well as overdue care patients to book them in. This will result in the following:

  • Keep your booked appointments active as we will confirm each appointment with all tools preferred by patient (Call, Text, Email, etc)

  • Show your patients you care 

  • Staff don’t get overwhelmed and overworked causing fatigue

  • Your staff can focus on in office patients and other work around the office

  • Better patient retention

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