Preferred Pricing

The extension that helps you save more on supply orders.

If you already have your order operations in perfect alignment and all you’re looking for is better prices, this is the extension for you. 

Enjoy preferred pricing for all of the AMP database which consists of over 1000 supplies & counting. Be sure that over 70% of your day to day supplies can be found in the AMP supply hub and more to come as we add more supplies monthly. You also get to enjoy the benefits of volume discounts from other AMP partners as we purchase for over 1500 dental practices unlocking access to better pricing for all.

Member Experience:

Dr. Firas Abdulmajeed

In 1992 Dr. Firas Abdulmajeed received a DDS degree in Dentistry from Baghdad University, College of Dentistry. He then completed a one year internship at the Dental Speciality Centre in Baghdad. Following this he worked in private practice until 2010 where he and his family came to Canada.

Member Experience:

Dr. Judy Sturm

Originally from Toronto, Dr. Judy Sturm has more than three decades of experience in dentistry. She obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree after studying at the University of Toronto and New York University Dental School. After graduating, she completed a fellowship at Toronto General Hospital.

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