Saving 50% on dental supplies with Top Brands

With A Medical Partner you can enjoy an average savings of 20% – 50% on disposable products for your dental clinics as compared to other market competitors. The savings will help you grow your income without worrying about infections that may spread due to low-quality disposables.

It is usually assumed that lower pricing means lower quality, and in the dental field, such risk cannot be taken. Primarily, poor-quality disposables have higher risks for the dental practitioner due to direct contact with oral cavities and exposure to fluids. Secondly, it poses an equal threat to the patient due to the exposure to numerous microorganisms despite protective measures and strict following of infection control protocols. Therefore, we do not jeopardize the health and safety of both dental care professionals and their clientele. To give you the best pricing and top-quality disposables, we as a medical partner platform adopt these practices:

Arrangement of disposables from different vendors

Due to our long-lasting relations with numerous vendors, we get a good deal on oral health supplies. Through it, we reduce our financial, business, and reputational risks to control costs and maintain optimum quality. Unlike our competitors who rely on fewer suppliers, we are efficiently working with vendors to bring you the best deal. 

A large number of dental professionals and affiliations

The more dental care professionals the more we achieve economies of scale in our pricing. Due to our happy customers and their valuable feedback, we strike good deals with our vendors that help us in reducing our costs and this is exactly how we offer comparatively inexpensive deals on our disposable products. Similarly, the firm affiliations allow us to market our products at a lower cost, and more profitability is achieved as compared to standalone firms.

Experienced team and with a visionary leadership

We at AMP are united by the commitment to serve the dental community for all their needs and our leadership working tirelessly to achieve our vision. The value provision to dental professionals is prioritized by giving them low pricing as much as possible. This onboarding of all the stakeholders by leadership allows us to cascade the internal efficiency in the shape of comparatively low pricing on our disposable products.

Genuine pricing and discounts without hidden charges

Our pricing is straightforward and provides a complete breakup of the costs that allow dental professionals to plan their costs and earn revenue accordingly. A comparison of our pricing with our closest competitors makes it clear that the reasonable pricing is peerless providing the quality we commit.

Efficient management of supplies and delivery

Unlike the market norms, our supply chain management is up-to-date with the help of real-time dental health supplies management tools and a just-in-time delivery mechanism. As of today, we have over 1500 supplies in our Supply Hub with a matchless support service. This helps us save a lot of money by bringing in more efficiency in our operations and we transfer the benefits to our buyers of disposable dental products.

Our happy customers and their reviews are proof of our glory and happy customers. All in all, disposable products are something which you cannot take the risk due to their significance and we are here to serve the right way. You can check our supplies and inventory here.