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A Medical Partner

A Medical Partner empowers private practices and provides them the ability to own 100% of their practice(s), while saving money and having the same buying power and benefits as corporate practices. 

In addition, A Medical Partner empowers dental professionals across North America to expand their horizons within their career. 

They are also known as the third set of molars and...
Baby Teething pain relief
Normal teething pain. Teething pain usually produces...
Protect your kids' teeth
Parenting involves several tasks. You must educate,...
What Causes a Tooth Abscess
Infected tissue around the tooth causes an abscess,...
Smoking destroys your teeth
Many consider smoking filthy and unhealthy. Nonsmokers...
Is laser teeth whitening hot?
When the laser treatment is done, your teeth will be whiter than they used to be. For those...
Dentistiry coworkers smiling standing in line
Tips for Long-Term Employee Retention
Retaining employees long-term is essential for any business to stay competitive in its industry. The...
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Baby Teething pain relief
Baby Teething pain relief
Normal teething pain. Teething pain usually produces only mild discomfort, so don’t worry. Providing...
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How To Deal With Staff Conflict
It’s not easy to manage a team when you spend most of your time in the operator chair. If things...
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Increasing New Patient Value in Your Practice
 New approaches that put the patient first have worked out well, but I’ve also seen them fail...
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Understanding Dental Patients
If you know me, you know I love Corvettes; in fact, I’ve owned eight different kinds since 1991. And,...
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An Effective "New Year" Staff Meeting!
At a dental practice, staff meetings are important for setting the tone and direction of your business....
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Holistic Dentistry
Why You should Consider Holistic Dentistry
We live in a toxic world, and you don’t want your dental care to increase your toxic load or put additional...
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Friendly partners handshaking at group meeting thanking for succ
Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent in Dental Practice
Recruiting and retaining great team members for dental practices can often be a challenge. Finding the...
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We’ve also created social media groups that your colleagues communicate on for day-to-day discussions via Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram. Recommendations, advice and solutions can all be found in these discussions. These groups are the most powerful tools you can take advantage of as all members in the group are here to help.”